Tips on buying and modifying an ATV

Many people live the outdoors, and while some prefer to go camping near a lake or a meadow, others like to take it to the next level with adrenaline pumping off-road adventures on an all-terrain vehicle. ATV’s are basically machines that are capable of handling uneven, muddy, rocky and just about any surface that you may encounter. If you are already an ATV owner or are planning on getting one for the first time, here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

The enginehtgrf

When you are traversing rugged terrain, it is essential that you have sufficient power at your disposal in order to get yourself over obstacles. Engines come in many capacities, and you can get ones from 200cc to over 1000cc. If you want o get one, ensure the engine can handle the requirements.


You need to have the right tires if you want your ATV to grip the surface and be controllable. There are many types of tires that are built for off-road use, and it is crucial that you get the right one. Do not get ones that are too small or too big as they must also suit the vehicle’s structure. However, if you check out highlifter atvs, you will learn that there are options available in case you want to fix bigger tires to your machine.

Ground clearance

You may not be aware of this, but ATV’s are manufactured to have a certain level of balance and safety. That is why many factory fitted ones do not have a very high ground clearance. However, if you want to increase the by three or four inches
(or even more), lift kits can give you the desired result. You will have to ensure that the ones you get for your model is suitable and you can ascertain this by speaking with a professional who has extensive knowledge in installing lifts kits onto all-terrain vehicles.

The type of vehicle

yhtgfjThere are ATV’s that are similar to motorbikes and have a handlebar on them which is used to steer. You will also find those that will have a steering wheel like those in a regular car. You must decide which one is best for you before you go out looking as both types can be used in extreme conditions.

ATV’s are fun for those who like the challenge of overcoming obstacles. Get yours today and make sure you fix it up so that it will serve you well.…

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A Guide To Buying Used Cars

As we all know, a big part of our life is about the constant movement to and from various locations. It does not matter how you make your movements, but the important bit is the fact that you are moving. For this reason, it is safe to assume that we are heavily relying on vehicles to aid us in our daily operations. In fact, it is almost impossible to go about our daily duties without the use of cars.

dsfdsfsdWhether brand new or used, they are of utmost importance and must be treated as such. Also, given the fact that vehicles are the most used locomotion devices in this era, they require utmost care when handling. In this article, our core area of focus is purchasing a second-hand car and what it involves. Obviously, it is definitely no easy fit to acquire, but we shall see what exactly is needed for it to be a successful operation.

Purchasing A Second-Hand Car

Many people are driven to the purchase of used cars for various reasons. However, one reason that most of us can relate to is the scarcity of finances. We cannot deny that we would all love to own and drive the latest cars in the market. However, the limitations are kept popping up and are becoming a thorn in the flesh.

On a more positive note, not all used cars are in bad shape, and some of them look so new that we would never tell that they are of the second-hand type.


However, during their purchase, one has to be prepared to comply with the regulations set. For instance, there are a few documents that you have to go through and put your original signature. Additionally, it is advisable to perform a RdwCheck to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Lastly, you have to be prepared to do some bit of waiting because different dealers have different policies.

Benefits Of Buying Used Cars

Those that have tried their hand in the acquisition of a second-hand car will attest to the many benefits in store. They include;

Learning Experience

FSDFSDThe purchase of a second-hand car is a pleasurable and fun learning experience. You will understand this fact once you are through with the processes involved in it. Plus, your preferred dealer will be pleased to help you learn a few tips on the purchase and maintenance of your car.

Variety Of Option

You can make your selection from a wide variety. In most cases, the details of the price and specs are according to the buyer’s specifications.


With used cars, the prices are much more affordable. As expected, buying a used car saves you money, and at the end of the day, everything else falls squarely into place. You enjoy the benefits of the depreciating car prices. It is an evident fact that you do not pay the same amount as what you pay for a new car. Its value depreciates over time, and it is to your advantage.





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Things You Need To Know When Drag Racing

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which motorcycles are prepared for the purpose of competing. The race is usually two motorcycles at a time, to be first to cross the set finishing line. Before the drag race starts, each driver is allowed to perform a burnout whereby it heats the driving tires and lays which improves traction. In simple terms, drag racing is a sport where two vehicles or motorbikes compete for side by side in a point of acceleration. A good example is the forward control drag racing for motorbikes where both of the drivers participating in the race, race in a straight line from a standing start to a finish line. The motorcycle that crosses the finish line first is declared the winner. Finally, drag racing is the ultimate test of acceleration and speed.

1. Vehicle prep

456utyrterSince it is the motor vehicle that is participating in the race, it is important to have your car running in good order. If your car is fighting mechanical issues, this makes you less focused on the race rather you will be focusing on handling the damaged parts of the vehicle. Before the start of the race, the drivers make sure that they have inspected the lugs, connections, and battery hold down, brakes, the level of fluids, safety belts, and the tires. It is believed that if your car is on track, then you have won half the battle.

2. Driver prep

As a driver, being mentally prepared is important as having horse power. For you to win the race, you have to be skilled and mentally focused. Once you have experience, knowledge, and confidence, you will be able to whip other racers as a racer. We all know that good runs don’t just happen, they come from you being prepared and giving yourself the best chances for success. Place tasks in order and accomplish them one at a time.

3. The track

Before heading out for your track outing, you should check the track schedule. This will possibly prevent you from showing up on VW day. Experts recommend making debuts at a test and tune before the major event. You will have more runs, which will cost you less.4e567yuihujghfgd

4. Burnout

Before making a pass, it is best to do a burnout.These burnouts are important because they prepare your tires for launch. Too much burnout wears out your tires that can make them greasy. It is advised that you should not burnout your tires in the middle of water puddle. However, do not roll too far because the track gets very sticky breaking the axle or melt the clutch in few seconds.…

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Rules About Motorcycle Braking

Every motorbike rider is required to master the basic braking skills when riding a motorbike. Riding very fast is great, but it would be meaningless if you do not know how to slow down effectively. It is therefore important to understand how the brake system works. This system is essential since it ensures the safety of the rider and other road users. This article is going to discuss the effective braking tips which would help you in slowing down your bike and this guarantee our safety.

Braking can be very simple if you follow the required rules. There are certain golden rules which should be considered and taken into account whenever you are riding a bike. Failure to observe the braking rules can make you slide along the road by grabbing the brakes. The different braking rules are applied in different situations. Howe, there are some instances which might require an orthodox approach rather than just relying on the usual doctrine.

Braking in corners

Corners are considered as one of the most sensitive places especially when riding at high speeds. You are advised never to engage the front brakes when kneeing down in corners. In fact, you should not even knee down when negotiating a corner. The front brakes should be avoided altogether when riding in a corner. Applying the front brakes can cause more traction on the tires. This can cause the tires to lose their grip and then slide away.

Braking in a wet area

Riding and braking in a wet area can be very complicated just like walking in a slippery place. A slippery road surface is likely to reduce traction on the tires thereby making the braking regime unsafe. This can also affect the process of engaging the brakes.

This can be combated by engaging both the rear and front brakes equally. You are advised to practice this in an environment which is safe. Furthermore, you are required to understand how the individual brakes are supposed to be set.


Reliability of the brakes

Most of the experienced riders have their own braking style. There those who prefer using the front brakes instead of the rear one whereas there are some who prefer sticking with both. Others prefer using the rear brakes alone. In fact, some riders even go to the extent of disconnecting the front brakes completely. You are required to train yourself on how to use both brakes effectively. Both brakes should be combined to slow down the motorbike easily.…

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Types Of Auto Racing

There are many factors which determine the categories of auto racing. They include types of cars used, rules and tracks. Racing is of the favourite sports which attracts many people especially those interested in cars. Some or the renowned drivers in this field include Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Loeb. These are drivers who have won many trophies in racing. The following are most popular types of auto racing

Rally America

The cost of this race is very high as compared to the others. In this race, the drive is required to have a car which is specifically designed for rallying. Besides, you are also required to have a co-driver, a license, fire retardant suits, racing shoes, and some buddies to help the crew. This is a race which involves driving at very high speeds thus increasing the risks of body harm. This means that you should invest in a good roll-cage.

Time trials/ Time attack

Here you are required to have a helmet and an entry fee of $300-400. Additionally, for you to qualify you should be a member of a sanctioning body. This race is favorable for those people who might not be willing to risk taking part in the massive multi-car crash. Te winner of this event is determined by the time to taken to complete the race. It is the person who completes the race using the shortest time. The good thing with time track is the reduced risk of body harm since there are few cars involved thereby reducing the probability of car crash. However, you are advised to be careful since some drivers have messed up on the retaining wall.

Demolition Derby

The requirement for this race is $ 100, a helmet, and car rally car which has a steel frame. Therisk of the body harm involved in his race is high. Here, the drivers are supposed to be extremely careful to avoid hitting the side doors of their colleges. However, accidents still do happen. Most of the drivers who get involved in accidents often break their bones.

ET Bracket Drag Racing

The requirements s for this race includes a helmet, an entry fee of $15-$25, and a high-speed car. In this race, the winner is decided by the reaction times and not by the status of his income or nature of your car. The risk of the body harm involved is dependent on the speed of the car.…

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