Things You Need To Know When Drag Racing

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which motorcycles are prepared for the purpose of competing. The race is usually two motorcycles at a time, to be first to cross the set finishing line. Before the drag race starts, each driver is allowed to perform a burnout whereby it heats the driving tires and lays which improves traction. In simple terms, drag racing is a sport where two vehicles or motorbikes compete for side by side in a point of acceleration. A good example is the forward control drag racing for motorbikes where both of the drivers participating in the race, race in a straight line from a standing start to a finish line. The motorcycle that crosses the finish line first is declared the winner. Finally, drag racing is the ultimate test of acceleration and speed.

1. Vehicle prep

456utyrterSince it is the motor vehicle that is participating in the race, it is important to have your car running in good order. If your car is fighting mechanical issues, this makes you less focused on the race rather you will be focusing on handling the damaged parts of the vehicle. Before the start of the race, the drivers make sure that they have inspected the lugs, connections, and battery hold down, brakes, the level of fluids, safety belts, and the tires. It is believed that if your car is on track, then you have won half the battle.

2. Driver prep

As a driver, being mentally prepared is important as having horse power. For you to win the race, you have to be skilled and mentally focused. Once you have experience, knowledge, and confidence, you will be able to whip other racers as a racer. We all know that good runs don’t just happen, they come from you being prepared and giving yourself the best chances for success. Place tasks in order and accomplish them one at a time.

3. The track

Before heading out for your track outing, you should check the track schedule. This will possibly prevent you from showing up on VW day. Experts recommend making debuts at a test and tune before the major event. You will have more runs, which will cost you less.4e567yuihujghfgd

4. Burnout

Before making a pass, it is best to do a burnout.These burnouts are important because they prepare your tires for launch. Too much burnout wears out your tires that can make them greasy. It is advised that you should not burnout your tires in the middle of water puddle. However, do not roll too far because the track gets very sticky breaking the axle or melt the clutch in few seconds.…

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