Rules About Motorcycle Braking

Every motorbike rider is required to master the basic braking skills when riding a motorbike. Riding very fast is great, but it would be meaningless if you do not know how to slow down effectively. It is therefore important to understand how the brake system works. This system is essential since it ensures the safety of the rider and other road users. This article is going to discuss the effective braking tips which would help you in slowing down your bike and this guarantee our safety.

Braking can be very simple if you follow the required rules. There are certain golden rules which should be considered and taken into account whenever you are riding a bike. Failure to observe the braking rules can make you slide along the road by grabbing the brakes. The different braking rules are applied in different situations. Howe, there are some instances which might require an orthodox approach rather than just relying on the usual doctrine.

Braking in corners

Corners are considered as one of the most sensitive places especially when riding at high speeds. You are advised never to engage the front brakes when kneeing down in corners. In fact, you should not even knee down when negotiating a corner. The front brakes should be avoided altogether when riding in a corner. Applying the front brakes can cause more traction on the tires. This can cause the tires to lose their grip and then slide away.

Braking in a wet area

Riding and braking in a wet area can be very complicated just like walking in a slippery place. A slippery road surface is likely to reduce traction on the tires thereby making the braking regime unsafe. This can also affect the process of engaging the brakes.

This can be combated by engaging both the rear and front brakes equally. You are advised to practice this in an environment which is safe. Furthermore, you are required to understand how the individual brakes are supposed to be set.


Reliability of the brakes

Most of the experienced riders have their own braking style. There those who prefer using the front brakes instead of the rear one whereas there are some who prefer sticking with both. Others prefer using the rear brakes alone. In fact, some riders even go to the extent of disconnecting the front brakes completely. You are required to train yourself on how to use both brakes effectively. Both brakes should be combined to slow down the motorbike easily.…

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