Types Of Auto Racing

There are many factors which determine the categories of auto racing. They include types of cars used, rules and tracks. Racing is of the favourite sports which attracts many people especially those interested in cars. Some or the renowned drivers in this field include Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Loeb. These are drivers who have won many trophies in racing. The following are most popular types of auto racing

Rally America

The cost of this race is very high as compared to the others. In this race, the drive is required to have a car which is specifically designed for rallying. Besides, you are also required to have a co-driver, a license, fire retardant suits, racing shoes, and some buddies to help the crew. This is a race which involves driving at very high speeds thus increasing the risks of body harm. This means that you should invest in a good roll-cage.

Time trials/ Time attack

Here you are required to have a helmet and an entry fee of $300-400. Additionally, for you to qualify you should be a member of a sanctioning body. This race is favorable for those people who might not be willing to risk taking part in the massive multi-car crash. Te winner of this event is determined by the time to taken to complete the race. It is the person who completes the race using the shortest time. The good thing with time track is the reduced risk of body harm since there are few cars involved thereby reducing the probability of car crash. However, you are advised to be careful since some drivers have messed up on the retaining wall.

Demolition Derby

The requirement for this race is $ 100, a helmet, and car rally car which has a steel frame. Therisk of the body harm involved in his race is high. Here, the drivers are supposed to be extremely careful to avoid hitting the side doors of their colleges. However, accidents still do happen. Most of the drivers who get involved in accidents often break their bones.

ET Bracket Drag Racing

The requirements s for this race includes a helmet, an entry fee of $15-$25, and a high-speed car. In this race, the winner is decided by the reaction times and not by the status of his income or nature of your car. The risk of the body harm involved is dependent on the speed of the car.